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comms open 24/7 unless specified otherwise

typebase priceextra charactervariation
fullbody$15+$5simplified / cutesy $12
waist up$10+$2simplified / cutesy $8
headshot$5+$2simplified / cutesy $6
sketch$2+$1simplified / cutesy $3
reference sheet$20nonone

i accept payment through paypal or cashapp.

contact me on whatever platform you find me on


  1. i reserve the right to refuse any and all commissions propositioned to me

  2. if i haven't started on your commission in a month, feel free to ask for a refund (though, this is unlikely due to my "must get done immediately" mindset. the longest i've taken on a commission was two weeks)

  3. paypal or cashapp ONLY. robux is ok but not preferred.

  4. do not use my work in political content of any kind. left-wing, right-wing, centrist, i do not care, do not use my work in political shit period. i'm very much left wing but i do not want my works associated with politics.

  5. do not use commissions in licensed or commercial products. please contact me if you wish to and something can be worked out.

  6. when using commissioned work please credit me.

  7. you can use my work for anything with the only limitations being terms 4 & 5 and also 9

  8. no sexo

  9. no editing things to be sexo